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Gum disease or periodontal disease is caused by a sticky film of bacteria called plaque. Plaque is always forming on your teeth, but if they aren’t cleaned well, the bacteria in plaque can cause your gums to become inflamed. When this happens, your gums will pull away from your teeth and form spaces called pockets. Plaque then gets trapped in these pockets and cannot be removed with regular brushing. If untreated, gum disease could lead to bone and tooth loss. Keep in mind that healthy gums DON’T BLEED. Bleeding is your body’s response to letting you know that there is something wrong. The inflammation subsides when the tartar and bacteria was removed from the area effectively.

If gum disease is caught early and hasn’t damaged the structures below the gum line, a professional cleaning is the best treatment option for you. If when we measure your pockets between your gums and teeth with our ruler are too deep, however, scaling and root planing may be needed.


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